Domo/Ghostbusters Mash-Up Invades Stores This Fall

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Domo meets Ghostbusters in a limited-release product line coming this fall. Image courtesy of Big Tent Entertainment.

Thirty years after Ghostbusters became the top-selling comedy of all time, the franchise is still going strong with everything from costumes to IDW’s New Ghostbusters comic series.

Soon, the paranormal extinguishers will “cross streams” with Japan’s most famous social media mascot, as Big Tent Entertainment and Sony Pictures Consumer Products have announced a line of Domo/Ghostbusters crossover items.

Domo. Image copyright Big Tent Entertainment.
Domo. Image copyright Big Tent Entertainment.

According to Big Tent, this line of products will include plush and collectibles mash-ups of Domo and some of the Ghostbusters world’s favorite characters such as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Slimer. The exact release date or cost of the products hasn’t been released as yet but they should be available sometime this fall.

Ghostbusters is one of the most influential and instantly recognizable pop-culture icons of all-time,” Big Tent Entertainment President and CEO, Rich Collins, said in the product announcement. “This mash-up bridges the generation gap between pop-culture fandom and blends two franchises that seem to share a common sensibility.”

With more than six million followers on Facebook, Domo, the toothy little “creature that hatched from an egg,” has already been seen in crossovers–both officially licensed and fan-made–from DC Comics to Star Wars to Hello Kitty. It seems only natural the little beast that looks like a brownie with legs get together with the world’s largest marshmallow to create a cute and cuddly s’more of a monster intended to appeal to all ages.

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