Robot Burp Head Smartypants: Can You Burp A Bedtime Story?

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Image: Robot Burp Head Smartypants, Candlewick (2014)

I think it’s safe to say we all agree everything is better with robots. Even the sort of robots you find chanting, “kill all humans,” add some spice to the day. But Annette Simon’s robot buddies are nowhere near that kind of evil. They’re more like your five-year-old in paper-cutout robot form, and they’re back at their game of one-upmanship in Robot Burp Head Smartypants.

We first met these two in Robot Zombie Frankenstein!, in which the two robot pals have an ever-escalating competition of cosplay, culminating in a shared pie. (This may sound more like your last con in paper-cutout robot form. Replace “pie” with “rum” as necessary.)

My favorite part of Robot Zombie Frankenstein! is that you can read it with a child or other parent, or let your kids read it together, each taking the role of one of the robots. You get to do that again in Robot Burp Head Smartypants…with a twist. It will help if your list of life skills includes the ability to burp the alphabet. And your third-grade teacher said that would never come in handy! Ha! Take that, Mrs. Walker! Ahem…

(You bet your can of robot oil that when my kids requested their grandfather read this one at bedtime, I made him wait until I could get the video app open on my phone.)

In the ultimate test of kid-book approval, Robot Burp Head Smartypants has been headlining our nightly book reading list for several weeks now. So guzzle up your oil (or other burp-producing beverage of choice) and start practicing. Eventually you, like the bot buddies, may be able to belch-count while juggling apples blindfolded and riding a skateboard.*

You can also still grab Simon’s activity kit that goes along with the first book, including build-your-own-robot pages.

* Do not try this at home. You’re too old for such shenanigans and are not, in fact, a paper robot.

Cover, Robot Burp Head Smartypants, Candlewick (2014)

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