Ben From Parks And Recreation Loses It When He Gets An Iron Throne

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Image: Parks and Recreation
Image: Parks and Recreation

There are things out there for every fandom that are just so cool, that so perfectly capture that fandom, that they can make any fan go a little nuts.

Lightsabers and blasters with the right lights and sound effects top the list for Star Wars fans. Communicators that you can put on your shirt and tap to hear that little beep sound are up there for Star Trek nerds. And for Game of Thrones fans, it would have to be the Iron Throne.

I am by no means a hardcore fan of the series and I’ve only read the first book because it was 700 pages of description that made my eyes bleed, but I do like the show and I can not wait for its return. Last year, at SXSW, they had a replica of the Iron Throne and you better believe I waited my turn in line to sit and have my picture taken pretending I ruled Westeros.

It was ridiculously fun and people were all giddy and smiley like a bunch of kids, but no one’s reaction tops this one from a deleted scene in Parks and Recreation. It’s from the episode titled Anniversaries in which Leslie gifts Ben with his very own Iron Throne.

His reaction is somewhat over-the-top. No, in reality, it’s exactly what every fan of every fandom does when presented with something this amazing to call their own. We may not do it out loud, but in our heads, this is exactly, precisely the scene that plays out.

While we might be saying, “Hey, cool, you got me an Iron Throne. Thanks,” in our heads we’re saying “Oh. My. God. You got me an Iron Throne! An Iron Throne! Mine! Mine! Mine!” only with many more exclamation points.

Enjoy this slice of Game of Thrones fandom and you’ll wish it was you in your office. Or maybe it’d look better as the centerpiece of your living room?

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