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photo by MarloomZ Creations

If you’re like me, loom bands are strewn all over your house. I find them in the laundry, when I vacuum, I can’t seem to get away from them. Rainbow looms are the craze sweeping the elementary school set and there doesn’t seem to be an end to the fascination. Creations like triple singles or fish tails, the looming ranges from the simple to the extraordinary. Now geek looming has infiltrated geek culture and is taking on a life of it’s own!

Amazing creations that are influenced by sci-fi, comics, and cartoons are the new rage and the crafters that are doing it are truly know their stuff. Their loom banding looks just like the characters they’re emulating and they usually put up tutorials for you to follow along. Here are some  of the best geek looming creations out there for your inspiration!

MarloomZ Creations provides wonderful step-by-step tutorials. Her Disney and Muppets creations are a sight to behold but I’m particularly taken with her Muppets Animal loom band! That hair! Those teeth!

Boo from Monsters Inc loom band
photo by MarloomZ Creations

Another favorite from the wonderful MarloomZ is Boo from Monsters Inc! Look at that attention to detail! Quickly recognizable and oh so adorable. Check out MarloomZ Youtube channel for even more step-by-steps.

photo by Izzalicious

Izzalicious Designs hits close to a geek’s heart with tributes to some old-school classics. First up is everyone’s favorite, Ghostbusters! Proton pack and all, this loom band is detailed right down to the colors of the uniform!

he-man loom
photo by Izzalicious

Another classic from Izzalicious is He-Man! Again, the detail on this is fabulous and I love the idea of a little loom He-Man swinging from a keychain. Izzalicious not only has a Youtube channel so that you can learn along with a video but she also has an Etsy store, even better if you’d rather just have the finished product in hand.

star trek
photo by Izzalicious

Finally, one last geeky loom band—and it’s a big one. Again from Izzalicious, she’s boldly gone and created the entire Star Trek the Original Series crew in loom bands! Uhura‘s earrings are to die for.

Now perhaps you’ll think twice about vacuuming up those loom bands and sit down and see what you can create. Or, maybe just bag up the bands in geeky packaging and let the kids have at it, that’s a good option too. I hope these awesome loom crafts provide you inspiration to make your own geeky creations!

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