Take Your Kid to the Comic Shop Day

Seeing as how comic stores are so often accused of being unwelcoming to comic newcomers, women, and/or kids, it’s wonderful to see a place that’s getting it right. Carol & John’s Comic Shop in Cleveland, Ohio had me at “Hello.” As a relatively new resident of the Cleveland area, I had heard of Carol & John’s through… Read More


Comics, Kids and Mark Millar

Comic book writer Mark Millar–creator of mature fare like Kick-Ass and Wanted–announced last week that he and artist Curtis Tiegs are co-developing a children’s book project called Kindergarten Heroes. By Millar’s own admission, it’s the last thing anyone expected of him. As someone in the comic book publishing field, and more recently as a mom,… Read More

Carnivàle Creator’s New Project

Daniel Knauf gave us the HBO show Carnivàle. It wasn’t a family show by any means–unless everyone in your family is over 18 and weird–but many of us here at GeekMom loved it, as did plenty of others. Around the time of Carnivàle, somebody at Marvel Comics (okay, it was ME) wondered if Knauf wanted to… Read More

A Whole New DC Comics? Maybe

In the last 24 hours, the comic book industry has been abuzz about DC’s game-changing announcement: Beginning August 31, the publisher will relaunch its entire line of DC Universe titles with a total of 52 first issues. While rumors of such a renumbering have been circulating within the industry for some time, the real bombshell… Read More