Canon Makes a Facebook App!

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Image from Canon's North Pole PIXMA app.
Image from Canon’s North Pole PIXMA app.

Canon, maker of high quality camera and photo gear for decades, brings us a new app for the holiday season, North Pole PIXMA. This Facebook app allows you to connect with Santa, sending him your wish list, or just a note, drawing, or photo. Canon has created this app to introduce people to their PIXMA printers which have Cloud Technology.

From Canon’s press release:

The Canon North Pole PIXMA app will provide a unique and interactive experience allowing parents to help their children to write, draw or use pre-selected images to create their holiday wish. Once the wish has been customized, it is sent through the cloud to Santa’s workshop, where users will be shown a video of Santa receiving their wish printed on a Canon PIXMA printer. Bringing smiles to children and parents alike, the video features a cast of iconic holiday characters, including North Pole workshop elves, the Abominable Snowman, Mrs. Claus and Santa.

Through the app, you basically send cards to Santa, who has recently upgraded his printer to a Canon PIXMA. It’s obviously a commercial for Canon’s new printers, but it’s a really cute theme, and could be a fun thing to do with your kids — even the ones who don’t believe in Santa anymore.

To send wishes to Santa through the PIXMA holiday app, just create the digital card with your kids, adding text, drawings, and/or images. Then send the wish to Santa through the app and watch Santa print it out at the North Pole. It also emails you a link to the video so you can watch it again and again. The video integrates the actual message you submit, working it into the storyline. It’s excessively cute, and your kids will likely want to do it more than once.

Give the Canon North Pole PIXMA Facebook app a try. No printer is required for the app, since it’s an all-online experience. It’s only available through December 24th, so get those wishes in to Santa on the double!

But back to the ink-jet PIXMA printers, here are some cool things about them:

  • They have auto-power on, so you don’t need to be wherever your printer is to print.
  • You can print over AirPrint, through Mobile Device Printing, or on PIXMA Cloud Link, and is Google Cloud Print Ready.
  • You can print through social media.
  • They are affordable, compact, and attractive, and even come in different colors.

Prices for the printers vary depending on model, but they have several to choose from.

Happy Holidays!

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