New ‘Roblox’ Toys Inspire Creativity Online and Offline

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Roblox might not be a new game–in fact, the free-to-play “social platform” just celebrated its 10th year of service–but it might be new to you. If YouTube Let’s Play videos are any indication, Roblox is currently giving Minecraft a run for its money with kids looking for games to flex their creative muscles.

Roblox is comprised of mini-games created by the players for the players. In the massive world of Roblox, you can do just about anything, from compete in a fashion design challenge to run an obstacle course to hunt vampires. All of these adventures are free, but if you want to customize your character or get VIP access to a game, parents have the option to buy in-game currency to do so.

Like most parents, I’m always grateful for an opportunity to take a game into the real world by encouraging play, and Roblox has delivered that this month with their new line of toys from Jazwares.

My 8-year-old, a fan of Roblox, was ecstatic to get her hands on the new action figures. Not only are the toys perfect for starting a collection, the figures come with codes for exclusive in-game items. There are over 40 figures to collect, each with an in-game item, so if your kids are into collecting it might be time to clear some room on the shelf. Action figure sets are based on some of the more popular mini-games in Roblox, “Roblox High School” and “Work at a Pizza Place,” both instantly recognizable to my little gamer.

Surprisingly, my favorite feature was the easy-to-open packaging for the “Work at a Pizza Place” set. Usually, we have to grab the scissors and hack away at the plastic, but the packaging was so easy to take apart that my daughter had it open in no time. The blind bags also come in well-designed mini-boxes that can spell out the Roblox logo once collected.

The action figures are sturdy and thick, and the body parts are interchangeable to mimic avatar customization in the game. The pieces pull apart without trouble and slide together slowly but firmly with little chance of pinched fingers.

After claiming the in-game codes with glee, my daughter was happy for the opportunity to play Roblox in real life, and she set up her own “obby” (obstacle course) for the figures to navigate. Roblox can inspire creativity both online in kids who are interested in level design and game development, and thanks to these new toys, it can extend offline as well.

Check out the Roblox parent’s guide for more information about keeping your kids safe in the online game.

Roblox toys are available at major toy stores and Amazon.

GeekMom received promotional items for review purposes.

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