I Missed Pi Day, Now What?!

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Pi Pie
Pi Pie image: Nicole Wakelin.

You don’t miss big holidays when you’ve got kids, but embrace them with a level of exuberance that makes the local high school cheerleading team look demure. But what if you miss not just a holiday, but a nerd holiday?

It’s not that I forgot about Pi Day. I remembered and had been thinking about it for weeks, even planning to bake a Pi pie, but then life got in the way of my plans. There was a snow day. There was a sick kid. There were all the little things that become one big thing that inexplicably sucks up all your time. All. Of. It.

And then suddenly, it was Pi Day and I had nothing. No Pi pie. Not even a lame store-bought pie. Nothing. I not only failed at “momming,” I failed at geeking, so it was like the double-rainbow of fails.

I’m sure you’re thinking this is no big deal because, technically speaking, it’s not a holiday. Banks and schools stay open. There are no parades and I’ve yet to see cards at the store, but it is a holiday for nerds just the same. It’s a big one—and I let it pass right on by, completely unnoticed this year.

I have vowed that next year, I will make the most epic of Pi pies in the history of pies in order to make up for my failure this year. In the meantime, I am writing this on St. Patrick’s Day and as penance for missing Pi Day, there is so much green in my house right now, you’d think a leprechaun had taken up residence.

And just you wait, when Easter rolls around, this house is going to be a pastel wonderland of adorable bunnies, cute chicks, and decorated eggs that will make the Easter Bunny jealous.

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1 thought on “I Missed Pi Day, Now What?!

  1. It’s okay, you get to make up for it next year, because 3.14.15 will be the biggest Pi Day of the century. =)

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