Celebrate the 216th Anniversary of the First Parachute Jump with Today's Google Doodle

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Image Capture: Patricia Vollmer

Airborne all the way!

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 216th birthday of the first parachute jump. Go to Google.com right now (on October 22nd) and play the little game, guiding the parachute man to a safe landing with your right and left arrow keys.

The first jump with a parachute happened in October 1797, when Andrew Garnerin leapt from a hot air balloon with a non-rigid chute. Today, those non-rigid chutes are a critical part of modern technology, from landing Soyuz space capsules to bringing Fearless Felix Baumgartner’s Red Bull Stratos jump safely to success.

Click the magnifying glass in the lower right after the game and you will get a search about the first parachute jump.

I was able to land my little guy with an elephant…in a zoo I believe. Comment below and tell us what you’ve seen on your own Google Doodle airborne adventure!

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1 thought on “Celebrate the 216th Anniversary of the First Parachute Jump with Today's Google Doodle

  1. So far I’ve landed on icebergs at what I’m guessing are the north and south poles (basically I went all the way left, and all the way right). I’ve landed near an elephant in what I assumed was a jungle, and I’ve landed on a sailboat, on a city on piers, at a different city with people waving from building windows, and on some hills that are reminiscent of the ones at the start of Super Mario Bros 2…

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