One Legged Halloween Costumes

Photo: Josh Sundquist

A few weeks ago I showed you a picture of me, trying out my new stomper foot, and promising I’d try to pull together a true pirate costume for Halloween this year.

My friend Josh, an above the knee amputee, just can’t settle for something as predictable as a pirate. Every year he does something clever but this year he takes the cake. This picture, that he put together recently, is just a small glimpse into the brain that is Josh Sundquist (keep staring at the flamingo…it might take your brain a minute to figure out what you’re seeing).

As your resident GeekMom amputee I thought I’d share it with you, reminding you that it’s not too late to use your imagination to come up with something truly epic for Halloween this year. Just try not to be jealous of those of us with missing limbs, and all the amazing costumes we can pull off because we live bionic lives.

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