Family Pets  Image: Zenescope

Family Pets — All Digital & Kid Friendly by Zenescope

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Family Pets  Image: Zenescope
Family Pets Image: Zenescope

Zenescope has books appropriate for children? Who knew? Not me that’s for sure. When I think Zenescope I think sexy grimms girls or Robyn Hood and her bow and arrow. Family Pets is the latest to come from Zenescope, by Robyn Hood writer Patrick Shand and artwork by Sarah Dill.

It only took the first issue to know that this was something my son and I would both love!

The main character is Thomasina. After her parents died in a car crash when she was five, she’s lived with her Grandmother (aka Abuela) and now also lives with her Uncle and his family. She sometimes feels like the “family pet” and doesn’t care for it to much. My impression of her is that she’s a tom-boy dreamer who just wants to escape the life fate has dealt her. I can relate to her in many ways, including her fashion sense and loner status at school.

Her best friend, so to speak, is her pet snake Sebastian. She confides in him about everything. The upside is that he doesn’t talk back. The downside of that is if he ever got a voice of his own, he would have a ton of stories to tell.

At the risk of spoiling the story, all I can say from here out is Thomasina’s life is going to get complicated in a very furry way.

Check out a few of the pages from the first issue.

Family Pets is released today through Comixology and is appropriate for all ages! Check it out!

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