Our Sponsor Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Goes Boom!

Art from the Boom! Studios line inspired by Irredeemable; Images Boom@ Studios

Our first two featured scents from our sponsor, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, had a certain old-timey quality to them. Or at least, the RPG scents represent the old school and Hellboy has a certain ancientness about him, if you know what I mean. Well, if you’re looking for something a little more noir and modern (or if you’re a comic fan), look no further than the line of scents from BPAL and Boom! Studios.

Inspired by the comic, Irredeemable, by Mark Waid and Peter Krause, it’s an exercise in contrasts. In Mark Waid’s words:

What if you go from, you know, Captain America to Doctor Doom? What if you go from Superman to Lex Luthor? How do you go from being the greatest hero in the world – someone that everybody knows, and everybody loves, and everyone recognizes – to the greatest villain in the world? What is that path? It’s not a light switch, it’s not an on-off switch, it’s not something that you wake up one day and just become evil.

The scents in this series vary as much as the characters, yet stand unique on their own. And not to mention, they’re unexpected.

Take Plutonian, the fallen superhero: Soapy cleanliness sullied by blood and ashes.

And in contrast, Alana Patel, his one true love (who broke his heart, of course): Faded perfume, cigarette smoke, and gin.

Of personal curiosity is the Yurei scent, which sounds like something I’d like to roll around in: White tea, hibiscus, Arabian sandalwood, white amber, ho leaf, pale Japanese flowers, and vetiver.

There’s plenty more to check out at Black Phoenix, and we’ll be featuring more of their unique products as the week progresses. Just remember, Father’s and Mother’s Days are closing in fast, and these are wonderful and geeky gifts for the gamers in your life. We thank Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for sponsoring the blog this week!

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