Image CC BY SA 2.0 - Jean Henrique Wichinoski via Flickr

4 Geeky Ways to Find Your Zen After the Holidays

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Image CC BY SA 2.0 - Jean Henrique Wichinoski via Flickr
Image CC by SA 2.0 – Jean Henrique Wichinoski via Flickr.

I don’t know about you, but by the time this part of the year rolls around, I’m practically giddy with the idea of freedom. Freedom from parties, presents, and other people’s requests. Sure, I love family and I love the holidays, but there’s a point of diminishing returns.

But the clutter in my head? The worry and the stress? That hasn’t gone away. My schedule may suddenly be relatively clear, but my brain is a minefield. As a mom, that means my brain is in a thousand places at once.

To help you (and help myself), I’ve compiled four ways you can help get the zen back in your step and clear some of that unwanted clutter out of your brain.

1. Get financial clarity. There’s no better time than now to look into ways to streamline your finances. Here, we love, and use it to keep track of our expenses and even measure our spending over time. With a single-incomer earner (like I needed another hyphen in my title), it’s more important than ever. And while dealing with money is never fun, having a handle on it is surprisingly freeing.

2. Stretch. I’ve been practicing yoga for years now, and it’s one of the best practices I can recommend. Not only is it great for your health, but it’s great for your mind. I burn a candle and retreat to our office, where I get my ujjayi on. I’m a huge fan the Yoga Studio iPad app. It’s almost as good as having an instructor in the house, and I can vary my workout as I’d like (whether it be deep stretching, relaxation, or some hard-core strength work). There’s nothing like that after-yoga glow to help find your inner strength and balance.

3. Prepare for the worst. I’m not all boom and doom, but I do work in insurance in my day job. And I know that, as renters, a whole lot can go wrong in our house. And that’s not just theft of my favorite devices, but things like water, fire, and wind damage. Protect Your Bubble offers great plans for renter’s insurance that start for less than $1 per day. And considering that their price includes things that other folks don’t, like mold damage and power surge protection—not to mention immediate online credit—that’s a whole lot of peace of mind for not a lot. If you’re curious, you can even get a quick quote online.

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4. Go for green. Food, that is. Don’t turn into She-Hulk. That’s the opposite of what I’m trying to get across. No, I mean eat more green things. I’m not talking about a fad diet or super magical smoothies. I’m just talking about good sense. Eat better. Eat more vegetables. Consider quality, fresh ingredients whenever you can. Living in the South, I’ve grown a huge affinity for greens in general, especially collards and kale. And I swear, I’m happier when I eat them. I guess my dad’s advice paid off.

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