Richard Curtis

About Time: Can You Make Your Life Perfect?


It was the “from the creators of Love Actually that caught my attention in the advertisements for the new movie, About Time.

That Bill Nighy is in the movie helped. But, mostly, it was that this movie is directed and written by Richard Curtis. From the trailer, the movie is what we in the romance genre would call “light paranormal,” in that something unexplainable happens, time travel in this case, but that’s only a jumping-off point for a romance. Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson seem to have some chemistry in their scenes in the trailer and I was reminded a bit of the premise of Groundhog Day, where time travel provides the chance to get something right with the person you love. (And not at all reminded of the not-good-at-all The Time Traveler’s Wife, in which McAdams also starred.)

The tagline is: If you could relive any moment… could you make life perfect?

Richard Curtis
Bill Nighy and Domhnall Gleeson in About Time, image copyright Universal Pictures

I suspect the answer is “no,” as life’s imperfections are often part of the right way of things. But I’m eager to find out. The movie releases to select theaters on November 1 and nation-wide on November 8.

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