My Personal Connection To Real Steel

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Wind Turbines in Michigan (Image: Mandy Horetski)

If you look at a map of Michigan, you will notice that it is in the shape of a hand. You will know if someone is from Michigan if they will hold out their hand to point out where they live. My inlaws live in the thumb of Michigan, very close to the tip of the thumb. The wind turbines in this picture from 2008 can be seen along the way to my inlaws’ house, but they are more famous now for being featured in the movie, Real Steel.

My husband and I have been excited to see Real Steel since his mom started sending us updates about the filming which happened rather close to the house that my husband grew up in. He was telling me yesterday before we saw the movie that his mom is sure she saw some of the robots being driven in through their very small town, though they were covered in tarps.

There were also areas people were blocked from going when they were doing filming as well as no fly zones. The local paper, Huron Daily Tribune, did keep up with the filming since a major motion picture being filmed in this small community is big news.

Both my husband and I really enjoyed Real Steel and you can read GeekMom Rebecca’s review of the actual movie. I was just extra geeked when the movie opened, and realized the road that Hugh Jackman was driving on looked very familiar. The personal connection to this movie made it even more enjoyable when it came time to watch.

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