Relics: What’s In Your Attic?

Family GeekMom


Yeah, collection…maybe even an agglomeration. Cables, electronic tethers, childhood memories, and college accomplishments were discovered when we pulled the attic plug and let the contents drain into our garage.

Though we have taken select items out of the attic recently, this adventure is set to make our lives easier and find lost items.

Out of all of the treasures we found in the attic, I was elated to find my broadcast production books and projects from college. With my growing interest in YouTube, I am hoping to polish up my skills and at least do some videos for myself, if not for GeekMom.

My husband, Tim, was able to recycle several trees worth of notes from college and keep a good portion of his books for reference at work. Differential equations, calculus, and computer design books were kept. Pogs and dinosaurs were happily passed on to the kids. Sadly, the OK Soda leaked in the attic and had to be thrown away (after making references to Bob Webber on Phineas and Ferb).

Do you know what relics are in your attic?

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