Kaijudo: Clash of the Duel Masters,

Enter to Win One of Five Kaijudo Clash of the Duel Masters Prize Packs!

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Kaijudo: Clash of the Duel Masters
Kaijudo: Clash of the Duel Masters, Image: Wizards of the Coast

GeekMom is giving away five Kaijudo: Clash of the Duel Masters prize packs to our lucky readers!

This latest expansion in the popular card game was just released on May 24th and includes 120 new cards that span all five civilizations. The new booster packs each have nine cards and one code card. There will also be two special 40-card competitive decks with the Psychic Assault and Skycrusher’s Might decks.

Now you have a chance to win a fantastic prize pack that will set the Kaijudo fan in your home on the path to victory. Each prize pack will include:

  • 3 Kaijudo Clash of the Duel Masters Booster Packs
  • 1 Psychic Assault Intro Pack
  • 1 Skycrusher’s Might Intro Pack

All you have to do to enter is tell us which is your favorite Kaijudo card in the comments below. Winners will be chosen at random after the contest closes at Midnight ET on Monday, June 3rd. Contest open to shipping addresses within the continental United States only.

Good luck!

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13 thoughts on “Enter to Win One of Five Kaijudo Clash of the Duel Masters Prize Packs!

  1. My favorite card would have to be Emperor Neuron. It’s from the Evo Fury set and is currently valued from $40-50. It’s an evolution for Cyber Lords, cannot be blocked, and each time you attack with it you draw a card.

    My favorite card from the new deck, Clash of the Duel Masters, is King Tritonus. This card is a triple breaker, gives all other water creatures +2000 power, whenever you cast a spell, target enemy creature can’t attack or block until the start of your next turn, and when he enters the battle zone you can draw 5 cards. What a crazy card with so many effects! Just to add to it, if you play the spell card “Mark of Tritonus,” you get to play King Tritonus for free, draw 3 cards, and THEN you can use all the effects from King Tritonus.

    The new deck, Clash of the Duel Masters is what Kaijudo needed to keep the game going. If they did not step it up with all of these various effects and added dual-civilization cards, they would not have successfully been able to counter the current control deck that is overused in tournaments or keep my interest, and they did both very well.

  2. My favorite card would have to be Evo-Fury Tatsurion. He’s from the Evo Fury set and Tatsurion himself is the series’ mascot. My favorite civilizations are Fire and Nature and Tatsurion happens to be both. His Armored Dragon and Beast Kin races make him essential in any Fire/Nature combo deck and Evo-Fury Tatsurion has a power of 12000 and breaks 3 shields. He’s undoubtbly the best from the Evo Fury expansion set.

  3. My favorite card is actually Lepidos the Ancient. He sort of dropped off the face of the meta after DragonStrike Infernus came out, because then everyone either ran huge dragon decks, or LWD Control and Lepidos didn’t fit into either category. Everyone pretty much forgot about him until recently when someone named Sammy won a KMC and his invite to the championship. His victory was greatly due to his use of Lepidos. I am actually building a new deck right now that will capitalize on him and Guardian Akkhal-Teek, because they have ridiculous power, both alone and separately, because you get rid of a creature and a shield or two in one attack.

  4. I had forgotten about the crazy promotional card that is my favorite, Old Man Winter. I would do literally anything under the sun to get ahold of this card given exclusively to employees of all that participated of the cards. Old Man Winter is a double breaker and the Holiday Bash effect: “When this creature enters the battle zone, each player may draw 3 presents cards. Then your opponent may put any number of non-evolution coworkers creatures into the party battle zone from his or her hand.” This effect is definitely for some special holiday rules they played by but can still be used officially just remove the three words “presents, coworkers, and party.” I would do anything for this. Cost 6 mana, 11000 power, illustrated by Haccan and the flavor text “are we having fun yet?” Anything.

  5. My favorite card would be tied between two of the new Clash cards, Infernus the Immolator and Shapeshifter Scaradorable, and would end up saying Shapeshifter Scaradorable because:
    1. It’s an evolution, not just on chimeras, (its race), but on to any creature in the battle zone.

    2. It can’t be banished (banished, not discarded) as long as you don’t put an evolution card onto it, because of the Loyal Friend ability which states: When this creature is banished, return this card from your discard pile to your hand. But if you want to evolve a card onto it…

    3. It also has the Doppelganger ability which states: This creature can be evolved on as though it had all creature types, card names, and civilizations. Now you have to admit: that is a pretty sweet ability.

    4. And last, you get all of these great powers in a three mana and 5000 power body.

  6. Spells aren’t as glamorous as creatures, but they’re what really make Kaijudo decks work well. My favorite is Bottle of Wishes, because it lets you play the top card of your deck for no cost, unless it’s an evolution or level 8+ spell, in which case you still get to draw it. This gives you a chance to get a huge creature like Infernus the Immolator into play several turns earlier than usual.

  7. Dark Scaradorable is my personal favorite. It’s the first Ultra Rare that I’ve ever gotten and its effects are great. Summon it, BOOM, enemy shield gone. Plus, i’ts plenty powerful with it’s 6000 attack and double breaker. Aesthetically, the creature is also quite sleek looking.

  8. My favorite card would probably be the new Light Super Rare: Sasha the Observer. It lets you draw so many cards which is great for Control decks that use Light. Also, it is a continuous threat because you can just discard some of the creatures that you draw from her other ability. The only real way to get rid of her would be to play a Skull Shatter so they had nothing to discard.

  9. My favorite Kaijudo card is Infernus the Immolator. The card’s artwork is amazing.

  10. My favorite Kaijudo card is Andromeda of the Citadel. It is really cool especially in the fact that you get two new shields, it taps a lot of creatures, and the power is huge too. In my opinions, it is clearly the best card in Kaijudo.

  11. dragon knight volaron. At the end of each of your turns, if he’s tapped, you get a knew shield! plus, he’s a fast attack double breaker dragon that costs 9 mana, has 7000 power along with powerful attack + 4000! Also, he’s a skyforce champion in the light and fire civilizations!

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