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SuperME kids backpack complete with mask to keep their secret identities safe.
SuperME kids backpack complete with mask to keep their secret identities safe. Image: SuperME used with permission.

Just in time for National Superhero Day on April 28, SuperMe backpacks and messenger bags are here! It might seem like a really simple idea to put a cape on a backpack, and to make a functional bag with the entire superhero package and make a quality product for a reasonable price is a lot to ask, but SuperMe has done it.

At the speed of light, Super Magic Jaguar runs to find her brother. Image: Cathe Post
At the speed of light, Super Magic Jaguar runs to find her brother. Image: Cathe Post

The SuperME backpack/messenger bag has several features that are really nifty:

SuperME backpack, cape flapping in the breeze, and mask.


Cape: The cape has the SuperMe logo on it and is constructed of a durable silky/nylonish fabric. When you don’t want the cape out, it has a zipper compartment behind the main backpack that it can be stuffed into. The cape on the backpack we tried flew free for three days during a gaming convention and shows no wear from the event. Considering the amount of wear and tear a seven-year-old puts on outerwear and accessories – especially during a convention where she was asked to sit on the floor and in other unconventional places where she just left the pack on her back and sat on the cape, tugged it, pulled it, etc. the cape stood up very well.

Mask: There is a mask in a special pocket in the bag. The mask is made out of the same material as the bag itself. Since it is made out of fabric, and not a hard plastic, it can be worn over glasses which my daughter really appreciates. She also figured that if she was going to have the cape out, she needed to protect her identity (which of course she learned from The Incredibles).

The Badge: The badge is attached with Velcro and can be changed out for other badges. It gave the bag the finishing touch to personalizing the super hero look and again was very durable. My son got ahold of the bag and took off and put on the badge repeatedly for several minutes before I stopped him and the badge still functioned as new and stayed in place just fine.

The Fabric: The material reminded me of wetsuit fabric. It is very durable and stands up to a remarkable amount of wear and tear.

Here, to save the day!
Here, to save the day!

Reflective: The buckles have reflective points on them that show when the cape is put away.I was happy to see the bag not only had fun features but safety features as well.

Buckles: The buckles were difficult for my daughter to break in. They are somewhat difficult for little hands to unclip, but eventually were used to a point that parental help was not needed to pinch them apart.

The only thing that could be better is the size: When my daughter packed the bag she was able to put a half sheet notebook, a small tablet, a water bottle, a snack container, headphones, and a small plush toy. Unfortunately, this bag (though durable) is not a good size for school. A regular size folder doesn’t fit in the bag. But it is the perfect size for weekend outings (and of course conventions). The next production run of bags will have an increase in size to accommodate a regular size folder.

Overall, the size of the bag and the stiffness of the buckles would not discourage me from purchasing this product. Everytime we go somewhere that takes longer than thirty minutes in the car, the bag goes with us and receives loads of complements. This is a great overnight bag, or would make a great gift to stuff a bunch of treasures in and give for a birthday or summer vacation carry all. The SuperMe bag is, for lack of a better term – super.

SuperME is celebrating National Superhero Day by having a giveaway of a SuperME cape backpack. You can enter on their Facebook page. The giveaway ends April 28. Even if you don’t win a bag, the SuperME products can be found on their website and range in price from $5 for patches to $40 for a backpack.

*A SuperME backpack was provided for review purposes.*

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