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On April 23, Jules Sherred’s future father-in-law, former Congressman Bob Edgar, died suddenly. Jules has flown down from British Columbia to Virginia to attend the funeral and spend time this week with family.

Last Friday, GeekMom editor Corrina Lawson joined Jules on the Geeky Pleasures Radio Show. The conversation is now available for download.

Mandy is looking forward to spending some time with family. Her in-laws are coming down to NC to help her husband’s aunt move.

Dakster Sullivan is trying hard to contain her excitement for Free Comic Book Day next week. To let some of that energy out, her family plans on hitting up a theme park this weekend and maybe pick up a comic book or two. She’s not a big thrill rider, but she loves walking around and looking at the sites inside the parks.

Brigid is looking forward to a short trip home this weekend to Maryland to visit with her mother and to see the Pre-Raphaelite art exhibit in D.C.

Even though her family is diligently trying to eat a healthier diet, Kris Bordessa couldn’t help herself. She ordered a copy of Casey Barber’s Classic Snacks Made from Scratch. It was all downhill from there. So far, the hands down favorite: Homemade BBQ potato chips. In other less-fattening news, she’s joined forces with a number of authors and creators for the Great Mother’s Day Giveaway. Stop by and enter to win prizes for yourself or your mom!

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