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SKG F5 Massage Gun in use on a calf muscle

I am sore. My back hurts, my arms hurt, my legs hurt, my everything hurts. Lots of people are sore lately, judging from the number of memes I see about it from my friends, family, and even kids. I suppose that’s also why I’m seeing ads everywhere for massage guns, too. Enter the SKG F5 Massage Gun.

SKG F5 Massage Gun in its box
SKG F5 Massage Gun. Photo by Angela Leach

What Is the SKG F5 Massage Gun?

The SKG F5 is a massage gun, an increasingly popular item among people staying home in the past year. Many of us who work from home are starting to feel the strain that lack of movement puts on our bodies, and whether we’ve started a workout program or just want something to ease the sore muscles from sitting in a bad position all day, a massage gun can be really useful.

SKG F5 is just as easy to keep in its box for use as its bag. Photo by Angela Leach

The SKG F5 is a compact little powerhouse that packs a surprising wallop, which is great news for everyone in my family.

How Did I Test the SKG F5?

Since the whole family wanted in on this, we all tried the F5 on ourselves first, and then tested a few spots on each other that are harder to get to. My shoulders and IT band along the outside of my leg are my biggest problem areas; I also used the F5 on my arms before and after a grueling cello performance. Derp, now an adult with his own TikTok, used it to relieve sore arms after recording vlogs of a lightsaber workout. Squirrel tested it on his upper back and shoulders after hunching over his keyboard and mouse playing Minecraft for far too many hours, and MCJ used it on his lower back and upper arms after a day on his feet catering.

SKG F5 Massage Gun in use on a thigh
That IT band area needs a good massage. Photo by Angela Leach

It’s worth noting that we’ve had a host of self-massage options throughout the years, including a bulky percussive massager and rotating head massagers that look like lumbar cushions. MCJ and I are both disabled veterans with chronic pain. I have connective tissue problems that frequently lead to muscle spasms. The kids are both healthy and fit, but they’ve also made good use of our variety of massagers after sports and school and lightsaber dueling club. To hear everyone utter a surprised “OH!” at the first use is a positive sign.

How My Family Likes the SKG F5

Everyone who used the SKG F5 agrees that it works quite well on sore muscles. MCJ and Derp both noted significant relaxation, and once MCJ tried the heat function it became hard to get the F5 away from him when he comes inside after doing chores in the cold. Squirrel likes it for his shoulders and claims “it’s like the hand of God giving me a massage.” I think that’s a compliment.

I’ve found that regular use on my IT band where it is the tightest is helping a little with my chronic pain, personally, but can’t speak to how it would work for anyone else. I’m not a medical provider and can’t offer you medical advice. I can say that, for me, it’s made a difference in how I handle soreness, tight muscles, and even cricks in my neck after sleeping wrong all night.

How to Use the SKG F5

The F5 is fairly intuitive with only two buttons. One button has a power symbol on it, and the other has a heat symbol. To turn on the massage gun, hold down the power button for a few seconds. To change the speed of the massage gun, short-press the button. Each press cycles the speed, so after turning the device on and pressing the button three more times, you’ll wind up back at the slowest speed, which is still pretty fast. The same method works for the heat button, which turns on the heat plate at the bottom of the handle. Another long press on the power or heat buttons turns the F5 off.

The massage gun is hardly bigger than my hand. Photo by Angela Leach

The SKG F5 has a light-up strip along the top side to indicate speed and heat level. While it’s a useful indicator, it’s also aesthetically pleasing. It charges with a USB-C connector and comes with a charger and a bag for it. I’m really becoming grateful for USB-C technology, as I can charge everything from my iPad Pro to my phone and now my massage gun with it.

SKG F5 Massage Gun different heads showing the softer and harder heads with numbers embossed
Embossed numbers on the heads plus color coding make it easy to select the right head for the job. Photo by Angela Leach.

Included in the package are three separate heads for the SKG F5. They pull on and off easily, but not so easily that one might fall off during use. My favorite is the hardest head, grey with a number 8 embossed on it, but the other two are useful as well. The softer head, a green ball with a number 1 embossed on the surface, is really nice for bonier areas and extra tender muscles. I’ve used it around my wrist after straining it during rehearsal. The final head I call the “wobbly disc” is really nice over fascia, connective tissue like ligaments and tendons, and even some scar tissue. I find myself using the grey 8 head for most things, however.

How the SKG F5 Is Different

While I don’t own any of the newer massage guns on the market, I’m glad the SKG F5 is the first one I’ve tried. I had been researching several and was struggling to find a balance between bulk, weight, hand comfort, and pressure. I can put a LOT of pressure on the F5 to get deep relief, and it’s lightweight and small. Up to twelve and a half pounds of pressure can be put on the SKG F5 before the motor’s safety function kicks in and it stalls; I’ve found, though, that the higher two speeds seem to me like they can handle even more. I find it easy to manipulate with my small hands, but the SKG F5 is not so small that Derp’s large hands get in the way either.

Why You Should Get the SKG F5

If you have muscles, and you ever get sore or stiff, a massage gun might be a useful tool for you. Even if you get regular bodywork done, like I try to, it’s not a bad idea for in-between sessions. Since I’m not so wealthy as to have a personal bodywork specialist on retainer, the SKG F5 frequently tides me over between bodywork and acupuncture appointments.

SKG F5 Massage Gun in its box
SKG F5 Massage Gun with attachments. Photo by Angela Leach

The SKG F5 is at the lower range of massage gun price points, which makes it a little easier on the wallet while still getting a nice massage. For the price of two hour-long massages, the whole family can enjoy some heated muscle relaxation.

Price and Availability

Currently, the SKG F5 is available for $116 on Amazon.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a copy of this product for review purposes.

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