The Unoffical Hunger Games Cookbook: From Lamb Stew To “Groosling”

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The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook, Image: Amazon

I think more than a few people would answer the question “What are you doing this weekend?” with “Going to see The Hunger Games!” followed by some happy flailing and possibly a dance. The movie everyone has been waiting for is finally here and tickets are selling out fast. But once you’ve seen the movie, how do you keep the excitement alive? Easy. You whip yourself up a bowl of “Green with Envy Pesto Pasta” or maybe “Rue and Katniss’s Apple Smoked Groosling”.

You can find these recipes and more in the newly released The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook: From Lamb Stew to “Groosling” – More Than 150 Recipes Inspired by The Hunger Games Trilogy by Emily Ansara Baines. There are foods for every occasion, from breakfast to lunch and everything in between. What makes this even more fun is that the dishes aren’t just named after characters and places from the trilogy, but they actually aim to incorporate the types of ingredients that the characters used in their cooking.

There is a recipe for “President Snow’s Dove Breasts in Bacon Drippings” that can really be made with doves if you’re so inclined, but suggests turkey as a substitute for those who have a problem eating the worldwide symbol for peace as dinner. Each recipe has a paragraph introducing its place in the trilogy, including which book and which chapter is being referenced. And there is a “Tips From Your Sponsor” section on every page that gives additional hints on substitutions and preparation.

With over 150 recipes to choose from, this cookbook is sure to keep fans of the film happily cooking once they return from theaters, already eager for the next movie in the series. May the odds be ever in your favor!

A copy of this book was provided for review.

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  1. This is really awesome. One of the things I did love in the books was the detailed food descriptions, even when they didn’t have much.

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