What Would You Do with a TIE Fighter of Your Very Own?

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Come on…you know you want it! Photo: Craigslist.org

I read today on the Huffington Post about this fabulous father-son project that was sold this week on Craigslist for a church fundraiser.

Sadly, this TIE Fighter is now spoken for. Few details are available about the lucky buyer or how much was paid for it. But it got us GeekMoms wondering…

What would YOU do with a TIE Fighter of your very own?

Leave us a comment and let us know! I know what I would do…

I’d be “flying” it in every parade I can — we’d be the hit of every Mardi Gras parade on the Gulf Coast!  Doesn’t it look like it’d be perfect mounted on a parade float???  Or we take it to the park and let kids sit in it and take their pictures.  None of this for money, by the way, just to share the love of Star Wars.

(A GeekMom can dream, can’t she?)

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2 thoughts on “What Would You Do with a TIE Fighter of Your Very Own?

  1. Okay – that is just awesome! And I want one!!!!
    I would put it in my front lawn – until ultimately a neighbor would complain and I would have to remove it .. But I am sure all the neighborhood kids walking to school would love it!

  2. Christmas decoration for sure. I’d have Santa with a light saber, Yoda dressed as an elf and a few strings of flashing red lights rigged up to look like laser beams being fired.

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