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mum + bub extra gentle lotion
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aden + anais is primarily known for their amazing swaddling blankets, which are designed in a variety of squee-worthy adorable patterns. And while I’ll be reviewing those in the coming weeks (once the little one arrives) first I wanted to talk about some of their newer products, primarily their mum + bub skincare line which is designed for babies and their moms. Go, go, skincare multitasks!

These skincare products feature fermented pawpaw fruit, which has a variety of benefits on the skin. It’s also super gentle, and free of a variety of unwanted ingredients (including sulfates, paragons, phthalates, gluten and soy, petrochemicals, petroleum oils, and hormone disrupters). In my family, knowing (and vetting) the ingredients that go into our skincare is really important. When my son was a baby I learned very quickly that he inherited my overly sensitive skin: fragrances, dyes, and many additives caused him to break out into rashes, especially when it came to soaps and lotions. So instead of having a sweet-smelling little baby post-bath, we were left with much more generic options.

When I first read the description of the products, they mentioned sandalwood scent. Sandalwood happens to be one of my favorite smells on earth, and upon applying my first application of lotion, I immediately fell in love. Finally! A lotion that smelled wonderful that wouldn’t irritate my skin. (I should also mention that the entire line was developed by a dermatologist; always a good thing to have science on your side.)

But the most unexpected side effect was my husband’s reaction. He’s not one of those sort of men who concern themselves with moisturizer or scents or skin care at all. But upon smelling the lotion and the hair and body wash, he sighed contentedly. “I want to smell like this all the time always,” is what he said to me. So he’s been using the samples just as much as I have, and nuzzling my hair whenever I take a shower.

I’ve used the lotion on every member of our house, and we’ve all used the shampoo. Like many shampoos without detergents, you need to use a little more (especially on big heads of hair like mine) and it doesn’t quite lather up the same way as conventional shampoos. But it left my hair shiny and clean and smelling lightly of sandalwood. (The lotion’s scent is much more pervasive than the shampoo, but both are lovely.) My son, who frequently runs away screaming for fear of shampoo didn’t even notice that it was dribbling down his face while he took his shower, so I can comfortably say it’s beyond tear free (he swears that some “tear-free” stuff still bothers him).

While the price point seems a little high (around $16 for each the lotion and hair and body wash) I can honestly say I’ve gone through twice that trying to find decent products for myself and my child in the past. Not to mention, similarly priced products can run far higher, especially those designed for women.

Our whole family loves the products so much, I think they should rename their line “mum + bub + da”. One thing’s for sure, too:  I’m really looking forward to bath time when the littlest one arrives in a few weeks!

For the whole line of mum + bub skincare products, check out their website.

GeekMom received mum + bub skin care products for review.

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