‘Star Wars Holiday Special’ Merchandise Is Out There

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Star Wars Holiday Special, Image: Lucasfilm (No Matter How Much They Deny It)
Star Wars Holiday Special, Image: Lucasfilm (No Matter How Much They Deny It)

Do you ever spot something in a store and know immediately that you simply must buy it, no matter the cost? I had that moment this last weekend when I spotted a Star Wars bauble in town. But this was no ordinary Star Wars bauble, take a look for yourselves.

Star Wars Holiday Special Bauble, Image: Sophie Brown
Star Wars Holiday Special Bauble, Image: Sophie Brown

That, my friends, is a bauble featuring art based on the Star Wars Holiday Special. You know, that little film that aired once in 1978 and has never again graced our screens? The one Lucasfilm has spent literally decades denying the very existence of? And yet, here we are, admiring this officially made beautiful creation.

The other GeekDads and GeekMoms were deeply curious about my find and had a lot of questions, so here are some of the answers:

  • The bauble appears to have been manufactured in 2015. It contained a single cookie that was still in date.
  • I bought from a high street shop in the UK (Wilko). It was the only one on the shelf and was mixed in with a bunch of similar Frozen baubles.
  • It has Disney branding on the label.
  • It is made by Candy Planet, a Polish manufacturer with ties to China who mostly distribute in Eastern Europe and South Africa.
  • There is no mention of the words Holiday Special on the label, only Star Wars, and Lucasfilm.

This is the only piece of Star Wars merchandise I have ever come across that so much as implies the existence of the Holiday Special – if only to those of us who recognize the image, so of course, it has us asking questions. Is there any chance of an official acknowledgment of the Holiday Special one day? Maybe even a restoration? Or is this just an item that has slipped through the proverbial Lucasfilm net, designed by someone who saw images from the film online and used them for reference, and it was never picked up on?

Let us know if you have ever seen any recent Holiday Special merchandise out there!

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