What Time Is It? Adventure Time!

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Sammy shows his love for Adventure Time and the many faces of the main character, Finn.

Have you seen this strange cartoon that appears Monday nights, on Cartoon Network? It’s called Adventure Time, and I have to admit, my whole family is in love with it. When I say that it is strange, I mean that it is like no other cartoon you have ever watched before. When I say that it is wonderful, I mean that it is funny and creative, holding the attention of kids and adults equally.

It took me watching a few episodes to understand what the main premise of the show is all about. Jake is a human boy and his best friend is a dog named Jake. The two live in a strange land called Ooo, which I suspect is future Earth after magical creatures have populated it and humans have become extremely rare. Jake and Finn are heroes; their goal is to help anyone that needs their assistance, and protect innocent creatures. In most episodes, the main villain is “Ice King.” Ice King’s main goal in life is to steal a princess and marry her.

Many of the Princesses from Adventure Time. Image from Wikia.

There are so many princesses to choose from in this crazy realm; from Princess Gumball,  the Hotdog Princess, to an eerie Ghost Princess. Then there is my personal favorite, Lumpy Space Princess, who has the attitude and accent of a valley girl, but a deep, man-like voice. I can’t help but laugh every time “L.S.P.” gets angry and spouts something like, “Don’t lumping yell at me!”

If I had to list just a few things that make this series stand out, I would have to say they are as follows:

  • The animation style, which is bright, colorful and clean. It reminds me of other shows like Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and the Miyazaki films.
  • The clever story lines; they are inventive and different from all of the usual plots you see in shows these day. The writers can do anything in Adventure Time; Ooo is a world of fantasy so the possibilities are endless!
  • Recognize that voice? A lot of the characters are voiced by famous voice actors, such as Tom Kenny, who lends his vocal talent to the title character in Spongebob Squarepants and in this show, Ice King. John DiMaggio voices Jake in Adventure Time, but you might also recognize him as Bender from Futurama. Minor characters have been voiced by actors such as George Takei, Ron Perlman, Lou Ferrigno and Andy Milonakis.
  • There are lessons to be learned; yes, there are a few things in the series that parents may not approve of, like the way the characters exclaim their dismay with phrases like “What the stuff!” and “Don’t squeeze me, I’ll fart!” I would recommend that ten-year-olds and up watch it, lest you want your young child to go around making jokes about passing gas that no one but lovers of the show (and bathroom humor) would appreciate. With that out of the way, kids can take away from Adventure Time that the good guys always win, the bad guys always have to face consequences, and Jake and Finn are always great friends who help others in need.


Sammy got bored at work with me one day and built his own N.E.P.T.R. out of spare parts.

If you can find it online or a re-run, my favorite episode is “What is Life?” which features a robot that Finn builds to throw pies in Jake’s face, to be the prank of all pranks. A short clip of the episode can be watched on YouTube. Andy Milonakis voices the robot, known as N.E.P.T.R., which stands for “Never Ending Pie Throwing Robot.”

My advice? Watch for the talking balloons and Ice King’s minion penguin, Gunter. They are the funniest part of the whole episode.

The show is in its third season on Cartoon Network, but season one was recently released, titled My Two Favorite People, on DVD and is available to purchase. New episodes premiere Mondays nights at 8/7 Central Time. Lots of fun games and video clips, including a few full-length episodes, are at cartoonnetwork.com/tvshows/adventuretime.

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7 thoughts on “What Time Is It? Adventure Time!

  1. My husband and I watched it and decided it wasn’t appropriate for our four-year-old. Some of the things they discuss just aren’t for little kids.

  2. We love this show! It’s so clever and inventive, not like anything else on TV. I really like that the Finn character is sensitive and brave and cares about his friends. I also like that he has girl friends that he doesn’t think are “icky”. My son is dressing like Finn for Halloween (complete with a Jake trick or treat bag)! It’s more appropriate for kids that are little older.

  3. I totally agree, Arthemise! If this show was around when mine were that age, they wouldn’t have watched it! Of course, they are almost 12 and 14 now, so I have to take more things in stride and realize that they aren’t four anymore, which makes me kinda sad. : (

  4. LOVE THAT SHOW! It grows on you. I’d rather he watch that than some other shows. Another strange show on Cartoon Network that also grows on you is the Problem Solverz. The graphics and animation are incredibly psychedelic, but once you can use to that (am I getting old? Did I just say that?), it’s a funny show.

  5. We like this show too (and I really liked Foster’s Home). My favorite scene is where Gunter throws the Unfreezing Spray out the window and then does a victory dance. But, yeah, not really appropriate for littles.

  6. I think its safe to say anybody can watch adventure time and love it. I’m an 18 year old physics student and I find it absolutely hilarious! The humour is like nothing else on TV at the moment for sure, and I’m glad adults like it too! I can happily watch it with my 21 year old brother, you’re never to old for Adventure Time!

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