ConnectiCon: Gamin’, Cosplay, and Shows

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Image By Rebecca Angel Maxwell

ConnectiCon 2016 was a fun weekend of hanging with people I enjoy and taking off from regular life to be entertained by fellow geeks.

My son and I played lots of games, including an RPG all Saturday morning. Love having the time to do that! We grabbed pre-made characters to jump right into the game, and I happened to pick one that was a “lover of the written word.”  The Builders was a good concept, but gameplay wasn’t interactive enough with the other player (at all…). Dragon’s Hoard was more interactive and the artwork spectacular, plus there are wild sheep. Heh. Lightening Dice was one of my favorites, simple to start, though my son found it too chaotic, “I can’t think!” Coup is all about bluffing, a very fast game play, and I was terrible at it–we laughed a lot. And finally, Betrayal at the House on the Hill is very cool, though it requires some cooperation (and some betrayal, obviously) that needs a big table to play. Highly recommend!

Here is a photo diary of gamin’, cosplay (I love all the families there), and shows: Art the Hypnotist we catch every year, Super Art Fight was very entertaining, and I even went to a panel for font nerds. Gimli and Warf Q+A were tops!

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