Perhaps The End Of Google + Nymwars

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It was a few months ago that Google started cracking down and enforcing their real names policy on their new social media network, Google +. There was a lot of fear going around as stories of people losing access to all their Google accounts because of using a pseudonym on Google +.

The talk of the controversy has died down, but I’m sure this is still on the back of many people’s minds as Google + is now open to the public and gaining users as time goes on. But apparently Google did listen to  the outcry and announced that they are going to work on supporting other forms of identity. At this point though, they haven’t explained how they are going to deal with pseudonyms.

This may mean the end of the Google + Nymwars, but it is too early to see. I know that I’ll be watching this story closely since I’d rather use a pseudonym on Google + than my real name. You can read more about this story here.

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1 thought on “Perhaps The End Of Google + Nymwars

  1. Mim Smith Faro is not the name on my drivers license- only Faro is completely my IRL name. But I have used Mim Smith Faro on the internet since I first joined a bb back in 1995. It is as much me as the name on my drivers license. When I meet friends irl that I made on the internet, they call me Mim. My family finds it strange. I don’t. I am Mim. I should be able to use it.

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