Space Oddity The Picture Book

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Some songs are so vivid we can’t help but picture the lyrics while we listen. Illustrator Andrew Kolb found this especially true of David Bowie’s 1969 hit, Space Oddity. So he reconstituted those lyrics into a peculiarly cheerful picture book. Publishing bigwigs haven’t yet recognized Kolb’s genius move. But Kolb isn’t sitting still. He sends his book out into the world as a PDF.  It really makes the grade. Hear that bigwigs?


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4 thoughts on “Space Oddity The Picture Book

  1. I guess he got into trouble for posting it as Space Oddity. The link you provided didn’t work. When I went to his site, the project is listed as a space book and the title and lyrics have been blurred.

    I understand the importance of copyright but it is not as if Andrew Kolb was taking credit for the song/lyrics. I hope he isn’t in trouble for his beautiful endeavor.

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