PBS Goes Steampunk

PBS Off Book
PBS Off Book

PBS Off Book is, according to their press release, “a new web series focused on experimental and non-traditional art forms on PBSArts.org. This 13-part, bi-weekly series explores the ever-changing definition of art in the hands of the next generation of artists taking creative reigns and melding art with new media.”

According to my daughter it’s just super awesome. I completely agree.

This relatively new addition to the PBS Arts line-up, Off Book is an online only series. But with slick production values and sexy contemporary music it’s raised the bar for online magazine episodes. So far the series has covered such topics as Typography, Light Painting, Visual Culture Online (Hello Nyan Cat), and most recently Steampunk.

The Steampunk episode in particular caught my attention not only because we love all things Steampunk here at GeekMom.com, but also because of their commitment to look at Steampunk through the lens of “art” rather then just “cos-play” or “subculture”.

Thoughtful interviews with steampunk artist Dr. Grymm, composer David Bruce, and performance ensemble Third Rail Projects, are a refreshing and serious minded approach to understanding Steampunk’s allure among creative people.

Personally I was extra delighted at the interview with David Bruce regarding the composing of his steampunk-inspired piece. It’s always nice to see a fresh addition to the Steampunk music scene.

At 5 to 10 minutes an episode, PBS Off Book is a show you can enjoy while noshing on your hot pocket during a lunch break at work.  I encourage you to watch them all and subscribe to their channel. If your boss catches you YouTubein, at least you can point to the PBS logo on the screen and claim you’re educating yourself.







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