Dull Teen Parties No More

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Teen parties in our neighborhood don’t have a theme. All that’s required is food, music loud enough that conversation must be yelled, and plenty of participants. Melissa Daly’s new book 87 Ways to Throw a Killer Party seeks to add variety to such get-togethers. Our favorites party suggestions?


Blood Bash.

Offer red punch in a bowl rigged up to a fake blood bag. Give guests candy necklaces to wear. Throughout the evening they’ll be cued (perhaps by the word “vampire”) to bite a piece of candy from the neck of the person standing closest. And for atmosphere, play vampire movies with the sound off.


Blackout Party

Stage the event in a room with few windows, such as a basement. Cover those windows with cardboard or sheets. (Leave a nightlight by the exit door for safety.) As guests arrive, give each person a tiny keychain flashlight. Start the party with the lights on. Every third song or so, turn out another light until eventually the room is pitch black. People can flick on their flashlights whenever they choose, maybe to see who they’re dancing with or to provide an impromptu light show.


Trivial Pursuit: Friends Edition

This is best for a small group of friends who know each other well. Before the party, come up with six trivia categories. Assign these categories the same colors as your those in your Trivial Pursuit board game. Give each friend six colored index cards. They’re to write a question about themselves in each category on each card, with answers on the back. Then play together exactly as you would play the game, only with Q&A relevant to your circle of friends.



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