Wonder Woman Style ‘Cake Wars’ Tonight!

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Guest judge Nicola Scott poses for a photo, as seen on Food Network's Cake Wars, Season 4.
Guest judge Nicola Scott poses for a photo, as seen on Food Network’s Cake Wars, Season 4.

Of course, you know that Wonder Woman turns 75 this year. And, of course, you have your own special celebration planned. Have you planned the cake yet? Because four special bakers have some ideas that might help you out. Four talented bakers who have been given the chance to build a suitable celebration–something beyond the logo and lasso–to represent in confectionery creativity, the ideals of justice, equality, and peace. Will one cake pay homage to Paradise Island? Will someone sculpt a sugar Invisible Jet? Will her lasso loop across layers? What will we see?

Tonight we find out, as FoodNetwork celebrates Wonder Woman’s 75th Anniversary with a special Cake Wars challenge tonight at 9 PDT. Four bakers will compete to create a tribute worthy of the Amazon Princess. Tune in tonight, Monday, September 19 at 9pm PDT (8pm CDT) and watch as one lucky cake gets chosen for the 75th Anniversary celebration, and one baker goes home with $10,000.

Nicola Scott, the current Wonder Woman series artist, guest judges along with regular judges Richard Ruskell and Waylynn Lucas. Jonathan Bennett hosts. And soon, we’ll witness wonders.

The episode re-airs midnight Tuesday on the East Coast, and will be rebroadcast Saturday, Oct 1 at 2pm EDT. So get your DVRs programmed and your kids to bed. It’s showtime.

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