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I’ve been a fan of Wil Wheaton‘s since he was in Star Trek:TNG. I wonder sometimes if I was the only person who didn’t hate Wesley Crusher. In fact, since he was about the same age as I was when TNG was airing, I had a huge crush on both the character and the actor.

I grew up, got married, had a baby and started attending Dragon*Con yearly. It is widely known throughout the Dragon*Con attendees that come every year, that the chances of seeing Wil Wheaton on the guest list for Dragon*Con were slim to none.

The reason for this is that PAX is always the same weekend as Dragon*Con and he is always on the guest list for PAX. It has gotten to be a bit of a joke with the Dragon*Con folks – both attendees and staff, with Dragon*Con TV poking fun in several of their bumpers at the fact that Wil Wheaton never, ever attends Dragon*Con.

So I was honestly a bit shocked and totally excited when he tweeted this a few days ago:

This may be relevant to your interests: I am coming to Dragon*Con this year.

The news spread like wildfire over Facebook and Twitter, as it was one guest addition we never thought we’d see at Dragon*Con. I, personally, am so excited about this. There are a lot of really shiny guests coming to Dragon*Con this year, but I’ve been a fan of Wil Wheaton’s for so long that I’m geeked that I’ll finally be able to meet him.

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11 thoughts on “Wil Wheaton & Dragon*Con

  1. You weren’t the only one! Wesley was my first crush. All the other 2nd graders were into New Kids on the Block. I wanted the misunderstood boy genius who could fly a freakin’ starship. I was so proud when he finally got a real ensign’s uniform. lol

    1. I did go through a New Kids on the Block phase, but I always loved Wesley Crusher. I ended up reading a lot of the TNG books that were at least partly Wesley-centric

      1. Oddly, I’m more into pop music now than when I was a kid. I guess I’ve gotten less serious with age. lol And I still have a thing for misunderstood geniuses. 😉

  2. I got to see his panel at GenCon last year, and I’m so glad I did. He’s a great storyteller and speaker. If he’s doing something similar at DragonCon I highly encourage anyone to go see it. For me, it was worth the two hour wait and almost-bursting bladder to hear it…

    1. I’m sure he’ll be doing several panels over the course of the weekend. I’m really hoping he’ll be be at a Guild panel since Felicia Day is coming to Dragon*Con too.

  3. I always liked Wesley Crusher. He was cute and relatively close to my age when TNG was on. It was almost like saying youth is no barrier when coupled with hard work and ambition. I was so “crushed” to see he was in NONE of the movies. Not even an actor-in-absentia mention of the character.

    1. I am sooo outing myself as a complete Wil Wheaton-loving nerd here, but he did actually appear in “Nemesis.” From wikipedia’s entry on Nemesis: “Nemesis was to have been the first Star Trek film to feature the character of Wesley Crusher (played by Wil Wheaton). His scenes were almost entirely cut from the film, leaving only a brief, silent cameo during the wedding (which itself is only visible in widescreen presentations, as he sits at the far end of the table). A deleted scene on the collector’s-edition DVD features a brief conversation between Wesley and Picard: Wesley, now a lieutenant in operations-division gold, has returned to Starfleet and is a member of Captain Riker’s engineering crew on the USS Titan.”

      And a link to the deleted scene on the You Tubes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACQqe5-B3TI

      I have been obsessed w/ Wil Wheaton for a long long time, hee!

      1. Really? I just DVRd that movie from Scy-Fy. I’m totally going to watch it. And poo for getting his scenes cut.

  4. Who didn’t have a crush on Crusher?!? I’m glad I’m not the only one! It’s really hard to admit it since it seems that everybody hates him.

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