3 Games for the Nintendo 3DS That Make Great Last-Minute Gifts

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If you’ve been stumped all month and you ended up waiting too long to get the perfect gift for the gamer on your list, we’ve got you covered. All your lucky recipient needs is a New Nintendo 2DS/3DS and an internet connection. Browse through the Nintendo eShop and pick the perfect game for them as late as Christmas Eve, and it will be delivered for download right on time.

Here are a few suggestions for some of the best games for the Nintendo DS to give this holiday season.

Mario Party: The Top 100

Mario Party The Top 100 for 2DS/3DS

If you’ve ever played a Mario Party game, chances are high that your favorite mini-games can be found in Mario Party: The Top 100. Not only are there 100 mini-games to play, there are four different game modes to play through. Minigame Island is a single-player board to unlock some of the games, and it just wouldn’t be a party without multiplayer. Mario Party: The Top 100 makes it easy to play with friends; all it takes is one DS system with the game, and three other local players can join in.

Small game boards and frequent saves in Minigame Island make The Top 100 exceedingly easy to pick up and put down at a moment’s notice. If you ever enjoyed a Mario Party game with a friend, give them the latest entry in the series to them to keep the fun going anytime and anywhere.

Layton’s Mystery Journey

Layton's Mysterious Journey, 3DS Edition

The newest entry in the Professor Layton series is a casual game that will appeal to anyone who enjoys a good mystery, no matter their age. Layton’s Mystery Journey follows Professor Layton’s daughter, Katrielle, as she opens her own detective agency in London. She’ll make friends, search for clues, and solve puzzles on her journey to uncover the reason why her father is missing.

If portable puzzles and a not-too-serious mystery sound like the perfect person for someone on your list, don’t worry if they’ve never played a Professor Layton game before. Layton’s Mystery Journey walks even the newest detectives through playing the game, and a robust hint system should keep anyone from being stuck for long.

Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition

Minecraft Nintendo 3DS version

If your lucky gift recipient doesn’t have a portable version of Minecraft yet, but they do have the New Nintendo 3DS, pick up this version for them. It’s the Minecraft you already know and love, along with five skin packs and two texture packs included. Crafting and the inventory can be managed with the touchscreen. If you’re tired of handing over your phone for a few minutes of Minecraft when you and the kids are out and about, grab this version instead.

GeekMom received promotional copies of Mario Party: The Top 100 and Layton’s Mystery Journey for review purposes.

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