This Week With The GeekMoms



Jennifer is still recovering from her family vacay to Colorado. Geekette picked up her first comic book at the library this week and spent the entire day reading it. Mommy is so proud!

Helene McLaughlin spent last week on a family vacation at Pensacola Beach, FL. She returned home and is planning 10 days of festivities on GeekMom to celebrate the final launch of the space shuttle on July 8th. She was also asked to be a contributor to the children’s programming at InterventionCon.

Alisson got to talk to a University of Florida biologist about mice that sing. (Seriously.) Turns out most mice species sing, but their songs are largely out of our range of hearing.

Jenny Williams and family have begun their long trip around the country. It has been mostly driving so far, but this week she got to meet up with two GeekDads and is looking forward to attending a wedding this weekend. Follow along on her 40 day road trip on her trip blog.

Rebecca Angel was looking forward to this week and the rest of the summer as a time to relax. But maybe next week summer will start. She spent her days on the phone getting doctor/dentist/random appointments for herself and children, end of school year paperwork set, upcoming Fall organizing of meetings for her homeschooling group, paperwork for her daughter to take a college class, and daughter getting working papers. Rebecca would like a secretary. Those who can make a nice cup of tea are encouraged to apply.

Laura tries to leave open spaces on her calendar, but those spots seem to exude some kind of time-related pheromone that can’t help but lure in more things to do. Despite extra obligations, Laura is writing about drawing for the non-artist and taking part in a friend’s wedding.

Sarah is enjoying a good book, whilst watching a 20 month old rediscover the joys of summer in the shape of a paddling pool, sidewalk chalk and bubbles. After the watershed she is anxiously awaiting the new Harry Potter and Twilight flicks whilst watching old MGM musicals.

Chaos Mandy will be spending the weekend working on homework as there is only about a month left of the summer semester. She might be able to get a break to finally watch the end of Battlestar Galactica and start the new Dr. Who.

Kristen has been tapped by the very charming and funny Chris Hardwick to be a writer on the pilot for his Nerdist TV Show.  If you’ll be in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, June 28th and you want to be in the studio audience – you have until tomorrow to apply.  Check here for details! Craig Ferguson will be joining the guys and there’ll be some extremely awesome surprises…

Kathy Ceceri looked at ways to get teen boys  to read “real” books, including one surprising resource. And she was quite pleased to finally get to the local drive-in, even if it was on the longest day of the year (and hence the latest start time for the double feature). Seven families joined her kids, and they practically had the place to themselves, making for a really fun night!

Suzanne Lazear got the official title for her Steampunk dark fairytale for teens, which comes out August, 2012.  The title of the book is Innocent Darkness, book 1 of the Aether Chronicles. She is also attempting to make bento lunches for her daughter and post pictures of them on her Tumblr page.

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