Making Mommy Friends

Like kids, mommies need friends too (Image: Mandy Horetski)

As I grow older, I find making friends harder than it was when I was younger. Because I’m a mom, I am trying to make mommy friends so there can be kids for my daughter to play with as well.

I wrote a while ago about navigating through mommy groups, but I was thinking about the process of making friends. I think a lot of the women I’ve met in my mommy groups are pretty much acquaintances as we don’t have a lot in common beyond the fact that we are all mommies.

I met my best friend through our local mommies group, and while she lived right down the street it was easy for us to just hang out together. It was nice – she is a fellow geek and our kids adore each other. But then she had to move 2 hours away to Charlotte, so my comfortable little bubble was popped.

So, I’m trying to make mommy friends again, instead of just mommy acquaintances. It’s hard, because I’m a fairly shy person, especially around new people. But I’d love to find more friends with kids, for both my sake and for my daughter’s. But it can be hard to find other moms that I have things in common with and can make a connection to. But I’m working on it!

Do you have lots of mommy friends?

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