My Kid’s Going to Mars!

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The next time you want to brag about your geek kid to a friend or neighbor, try this one, “Oh yeah? Well, my kid’s name will be on Mars next year!”  And you won’t be stretching the truth.

While digging around on the NASA website for materials for my son’s classroom, we stumbled upon this neat opportunity. NASA is sending a Science Laboratory rover to Mars next year and on board will be a microchip, imprinted with names of children from all over the world.

Photo: Judy Berna

Not only can your geek kid sign up to have their name fly to the red planet, they can print out an official certificate that proves the fact.

On the site you’ll also find links to maps that show how many children in each country have already signed up. And you can see which states in our country have the most participation.

Maybe your kid will be the first human to set foot on that planet in a few decades. But until then, it’s a fun idea to have their name make a preliminary landing first. It’s a great classroom opportunity, for any classes that might be studying space (or Mars) so feel free to pass these links on to any school teachers you might know.

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