The Twelve Bots of Christmas: Day 12!

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Well folks, we’ve counted them down and now we’ve arrived at day 12. It was fun to see the creativity of author Nathan Hale, as he recreated the pictures in his new holiday book, The Twelve Bots of Christmas, in the medium of lego brick. But don’t think it’s over yet. As a bonus for the Christmas holiday, tomorrow we’ll be posting one final picture, one last gift from clever Mr. Hale. Be sure to tune in!

But without further ado, let’s all take a deep breath and gaze upon the twelfth day of Christmas…

Photo: Jaime Richardson

Maybe it’s just me, but I think the little green guy, second from the right, is doing a lunge of some kind. I can almost hear the music thumping.

If you haven’t seen our review of this fun book, check it out. And if you take a break from the chaos of flying wrapping paper tomorrow, come visit us to see the last of these thirteen amazing lego bot pictures.

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