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Dear Legendary Pictures: Do Not Screw Up <em>Skull Island</em>

You've got giant, Kong-sized shoes to fill with this one.

Marvel’s <em>Star Wars</em> Comics: A Not-So-New Hope

Marvel Comics announced three new Star Wars comic books series at San Diego Comic Con.

<em>Drift</em>: A Unique Summer Read

The new YA novel makes you paint an entirely new universe in your mind; one that has battles, magic, and love, all on the back of a giant turtle.

Be the Artist: Joan Miró

Can Miró's free-flowing style bring a rigid machine to life? Of course!

The Cliffs of Insanity: I Want the Whole Cake

No more mixed messages, Marvel & DC. I want it all.

Amazon Makes a Geek Girl the Focus of <em>Annedroids</em>

The new children's series includes science, robots, and friendship aplenty.

A new trailer for Star Wars Rebels debuted yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S: I’m No Longer a Kindle Fire User

See how GeekMom Cathé, dedicated Kindle user, liked the new Samsung Galaxy S tablet.

When Geeks Go on Vacation: The Grand Canyon

It goes without saying that the Grand Canyon is educational. GeekMom Patricia shares some of the well-known (and lesser-known) ways to share the experience ...

<em>Romeo and Julet</em> Are Back in Crash Games’ <em>Council of Verona</em>

Council of Verona takes players to the world of Romeo and Juliet, where the families once again take issue with one another.