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GeekDad Speaks Out About Gamergate

A group of GeekDad's editors and writers have something to say about Gamergate, and a pledge to do something about it.

Black Cats Mean Halloween

Do you have a black cat running around your house? Join the club! So do many of the GeekMom writers!

DC Comics’ LEGO Variant Covers for November

You can find your favorite DC Comics characters in their LEGO form gracing their respective comic book covers throughout November.

How to Make a Dancing Baby Groot Costume With Only a Few Failed Attempts

Instead of a tutorial, I plan to drink wine. Acceptable? While drinking, I will share what my husband did for the other three members of our household.

<em>You Are Here</em>: A New Book From Astronaut Chris Hadfield

From astronaut Chris Hadfield is a new book showing us what we all have in common, our home. This is planet Earth as seen from the ISS, one picture at a time.

Bringing Halloween Back to the Neighborhood

How my childhood neighborhood did trick-or-treat right—as a community.

<em>My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks</em> Giveaway!

Who's ready for a rocking giveaway with some serious pony style?

Beta-Testers Wanted! New PBS KIDS Site About Technology and Media

Our friends at WGBH have asked us to check out their brand new site for PBS KIDS

GeekMom: Comic Book Corner — <em>My Little Pony</em>, <em>Astro City</em>, and DC Comics

Happy New Comic Book release day! This week, we look at My Little Pony and Astro City, as well as discuss DC Comics' quality issue in comics.

Chilling Reads for Chilly Days

Love to read creepy books on chilly nights? Here are 10 to try this fall and winter, from middle grade to adult.