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<em>Building an Elder God</em>: A Review

Who wouldn’t want to grow a Lovecraftian terror in the comfort of their own living room?

Sequenced Caffeine Genome Reveals Evolutionary Advantages

The newly sequenced Coffea canephora (robusta coffee) genome reveals more tricks up caffeine's sleeve.

It’s National Coffee Day: Rise and Grind With These Coffee Facts

A few of the good, the bad, and the jittery facts about coffee.

Mad Scientist Halloween Tablescape on a Budget

GeekMom Maryann shows you how to use neon paint to create a glowing Mad Scientist tablescape.

Confessions of a Disney Infinity Figure Hoarder

After our Disney Infinity 2.0 bender we should be consumed with buyer's remorse, but we're having too much fun playing.

<em>Star Wars Rebels</em> Sparks the Rebellion

If Star Wars Rebels is any indication, the galaxy far, far away is now in good hands.

Water Bead Science

What happens when you freeze water beads?

Here’s Your Chance to be a Citizen Scientist With Project Feederwatch

Become a citizen scientist with Project Feederwatch and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Bird Studies Canada. It's not too late to sign up for this ...

<em>The Boxtrolls</em> by the Numbers

Can you guess how many props were made by hand for The Boxtrolls? Or how long it took to create one minute of film? The answers may surprise you.

Introducing the Lego Store Flatiron District in New York City

GeekMom Jackie got a "hard hat" tour of Lego's New York City showpiece in the Flatiron. It opens its doors today.