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Hoots up There? Building a Barred Owl Box

GeekMom Maryann shows you how to build and install a Barred Owl box for your backyard.

Should We “Dilute the Kool-Aid” When Answering Kids’ Science Questions?

GeekMom Patricia has a term for watering down answers to kids' "Why" questions: Diluting the Kool-Aid.

20 Quirky Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Un-cliché your Valentine's Day. Create a heart out of something unexpected, commit anonymous good deeds, or try any of our other out-of-the-ordinary ideas.

Get Even More Hands-On With the iPad With Osmo!

Osmo is an accessory for the iPad that will transform your kids' usual screen time into an experience that's actually engaging.

5 Geeky Warm Fuzzy Crafts

Easy pom pom crafts for Valentine's Day, geeky parties, and more.

So Your Kids Want Their Own Minecraft Server

GeekMom Maryann shows you how easy it is to have your own GForce Minecraft Server.

We Are All <em>The Bad Mother</em>

“I am a bad mother.” It’s a thought that has gone through all of our heads at least once, possibly daily. In the era of picture-perfect Pinterest ...

Global Game Jam 2015

Innovation, experimentation, collaboration. That's Global Game Jam.

<em>Dragons and Hot Sauce</em>: Poems, Cuteness, and an Interview With the Creators

Do you like dragons? Hot sauce? Bigfoot? These guys wrote a bunch of poems about such things; you may need to check it out!

The Cliffs of Insanity: My Version of the Marvel Reboot

What would a new rebooted Marvel Universe look like? Here's what I would love to see.