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HP Pavilion x360: A Holiday Gift To Myself

The HP Pavilion x360 is the perfect laptop for parents on the go.

Marvel Comics and <em>Star Wars</em>: Together Again

A new movie isn’t the only thing Star Wars fans have to look forward to in 2015, as Star Wars reunites with Marvel Comics in January.

Board Games for Newbs and Kids!

GeekMom Mel takes a cue from Felicia Day and shares some of her family's favorite simple board games that anyone can play!

<em>Into the Woods</em>‘ All-Star Cast Makes It Worth the Journey

Does the beloved Sondheim musical translate well to the big screen?

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey: Circus Xtreme

Dakster is looking forward to checking out what Ringling Brothers: Barnum & Bailey have cooked up for families with Circus Xtreme.

Open Letter: Sony, You Can and Should Do Better

An open letter to Sony regarding its decision to cancel the release of The Interview.

A Thermal Camera for Your Mobile Devices

The new Seek thermal camera attaches to your smartphone and reveals an array of practical uses.

Holidays at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida – My Top Reasons to Visit

Dakster heads to SeaWorld to see how Shamu and his friends celebrate the holidays in Orlando, Florida. Hero Boxes!

Starting at $39, might have the most expensive mystery boxes for geeks, but you get quality products that you won't want to throw away.

Pirate vs. Ninja Christmas

My son is a ninja fan, and I am most certainly Pro-Pirate. How does this play out at Christmas?