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Star Wars: Galactic Baking by Insight Editions is worthy of any force-wielding household. The book includes over thirty mouthwatering recipes ranging from appetizers to snacks to main course ideas to, of course, desserts. My family, being the Star Wars geeks we are, were super excited to try out a few of the recipes. The book advertises that it’s for all baking levels and we really put that to the test because my husband has barely ever baked anything in his life with the exception of pre-packaged cookies or pudding. At the beginning of the book, they give you a list of supplies that you might want to have on hand and the three levels of quickness of the recipes included ranging from 30 minutes to over an hour or more. 

We tried six of the recipes in the book: 

  • Green Milk Cake with Chocolate Drizzle
  • Mustafar Lava Cakes
  • Jaku Junkyard treats (no picture)
  • Falumpaset Cheese Stuffed Sandwich
  • Bantha Blue Butter Sandwich Cookies (no picture)
  • Festival of the Ancestors Cookies
Jedi Brian bakes
Jedi Brian bakes his first bundt cake. \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

The first one we tried was the Green Milk Cake with Chocolate Drizzle. We’ve never used a bundt pan before so this started out as an experience. It was fun though and of the six recipes we’ve tried so far, it’s been our favorite. It’s essentially a made-from-scratch pistachio cake with chocolate frosting drizzled over the top. The recipe calls for an entire container of chocolate frosting (we used the fudge flavor) and we used maybe 3/4 of it. The extra was nice to have on hand to add a little extra to the leftover cake.

Green Milk Cake \ Image: Dakster Sullivan
Green Milk Cake \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

The next one we whipped up was the Jakku Junkyard Mix. I was unsure about this one at first because it called for honey, pumpkin spice, and cayenne pepper. It turned out great though and the pepper was not overbearing and added just enough of a kick. I don’t have any pictures of this one so instead, enjoy this picture of the Mustafar Cakes. These were not such a big hit because we couldn’t get the lava consistency right but it was pretty good for what essentially is a red velvet cake from scratch! 

Mustafar Lava Cake \ Image: Dakster Sullivan
Mustafar Lava Cake \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

Next up was the Falumpaset Cheese Stuffed Sandwich. This was the first main course food we made. We couldn’t find the white dough it called for so we used some Pillsbury sheets that rolled flat and layered them halfway. It worked out great as a substitute and the end result was both pretty and delicious.

Falumpaset Cheese Stuffed Sandwich: pre-baking \ Image: Dakster Sullivan
Falumpaset Cheese Stuffed Sandwich: pre-baking \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

We tried two cookies in the book. The Bantha Blue Butter Sandwich cookies and the Festival of the Ancestors cookies. My favorite was the Bantha Blue because the cookie was near perfection and you filled it with ice cream (apologies for no image on that one)

The Festival of the Ancestor cookies were…interesting. This was our first and only dud of the bunch. The instructions say to crush the candies, but if you do this before working with the dough, they just solidify into a giant hard candy and you have to crush them again. I recommend doing this right before you have to put them in the center of the cookies. Also, make sure you have the right size cookie rings. My husband used rings that were too big and as you can see we had some huge cookies. The center ended up being too hard for us to eat but the sugar cookie part was yummy.

Festival of the Ancestors Cookies \ Image: Dakster Sullivan
Festival of the Ancestors Cookies \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

I’d like to end this by telling you my husband has never been a baker. And he did all these recipes with little help from me. He now has the baking bug and I think I’ll be getting him some more geek baking books for Father’s Day. It’s been a blast seeing him get excited about trying a new recipe and watching out it turns out. Despite the pile of dishes it always caused in the end.

May the Fourth be with you this day and if you are in the mood for some Star Wars baking, check out the Star Wars: Galactic Baking – The Offical Cookbook of Sweet and Savory Treats from Tatooine, Hot, and Beyond by Insight Editions which releases in stores today!

WAIT! THAT’S NOT ALL. Enjoy these recipes directly from the book compliments of Insight Editions to try for yourself this May the Fourth! 

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a review copy of this book.

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