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Congrats to Young Women Artists! Part Five

Kelsie Ladd is the second oldest in her family of artists. She is fifteen years old and was kind enough to answer my questions about the Womanthology book and herself. How did you find out about the Womanthology project? A few years ago, while visiting a comic book convention, I met an amazing female artist… Read More

The Tipping Point: Girls, Geeks, Sexualization and How It Starts So Young

This winter, I wrote a column called “The Tipping Point,” about how geek and nerd society has reached the point where so many women have become involved that even though the resistance is there, integration is inevitable, especially in comics and gaming. The reactions some men have to this integration, especially the call for more… Read More

Wonder Woman Gets Dropped by NBC

The much criticized, much discussed David E. Kelley version of Wonder Women has been dropped by NBC. There has been a lot of speculation and discussion about the new Wonder Woman television series that was in development. A few months ago there were quite a bit of drama over the new Wonder Woman costume that… Read More