Wonder Woman Gets Dropped by NBC

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Was this picture the downfall of Wonder Woman? (Image: Justin Lubin/NBC)

The much criticized, much discussed David E. Kelley version of Wonder Women has been dropped by NBC.

There has been a lot of speculation and discussion about the new Wonder Woman television series that was in development. A few months ago there were quite a bit of drama over the new Wonder Woman costume that got the geek community up in arms.

But there hasn’t been much heard about this show since the costume was changed. But it was announced yesterday that NBC has decided not to move forward with this show.

You can read more about the demise of David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman on EW.com.

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2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Gets Dropped by NBC

  1. It’s about time.

    I adore Wonder Woman, but David E. Kelley was never, ever the right creator for a Wonder Woman series.

    Joss Whedon could have been cool. JMS, despite the bizarre things he did to her in the comics, could have been cool.

    But David E. Kelley? “Ally McBeal” David E. Kelley? No. No no no.

    1. Agreed! As a Browncoat, I think Joss Whedon would have done an excellent job.

      I think the whole project was doomed the moment that costume picture hit the internet.

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