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10 Ways to a Geeky Girl’s Heart

10 Ways to a Geeky Girl’s Heart

Conventional romantic overtures won’t always work with nerdy girls. Try being creative. Your efforts are more likely to have an effect. Read More


Introducing Nerd Love!

Nerds are different from the general population. We know this, because we live this. Many of us have tales of woe, how being nerdy has caused problems getting dates, or communicating with a significant other. But we nerds are special. Our unique qualities should be celebrated by those who love us. Jules Sherred, of GeekMom… Read More

Men Are Easy, a Book, an App, a New Year’s Resolution

(You may not think this a geeky topic, but we’ve all experienced relationships, so the theme of making relationships work is pretty universal.) Lynn Rasmussen, the same person who helped to bring us the math apps Arithmaroo, MathGirl Number Garden, and MathGirl Addition House, has written a book called Men Are Easy. It’s not what… Read More

Review: Project: Happily Ever After

I consider myself to be happily married. Even so, there’s been a time or two I would have liked to throttle my husband (and in fairness, he’s probably felt the same about me). Author Alisa Bowman took her marriage difficulties a step further: She actually planned her husband’s funeral. Hoped for it, even. Things were… Read More