When Men Dress Their Wives: Would Geeks Do Better?

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"I want to cry. I look like one of those women who trawl nightclubs." -- Image, Yahoo!

I don’t usually troll Yahoo! for inspiration, but when I saw this post about men dressing their wives I had to click. While not all geek women share my love of fashion, I can safely say that my amazing husband just simply has no clue. At this point in our relationship he’s just learned to smile and nod and realize that when it comes to what I wear, we really can’t meet eye-to-eye.

At any rate, some of the women in this slide show actually benefited from their husband’s input. Others, not so much (see the poor woman in the photo to the right). But I wonder… would geek couples fare better in this situation? Maybe I’m just majorly biased, but in spite of our sartorial differences, I can’t help but think my husband would put together something pretty nifty for me. Or at very least, he wouldn’t make me look like a drunken college co-ed…

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5 thoughts on “When Men Dress Their Wives: Would Geeks Do Better?

  1. Ok, I give you that the pattern on the dress is hideous and the shoes make her look kind of like a ho. BUT the cut on the dress is actually flattering and while the dress is short, it would make dress code at our elementary school.

  2. Considering me and my husband have had to have agreements over getting the same shirt designs from Penny Arcade, I imagine he would dress me just fine. Actually, he has made a number of changes to my college skirt and a t-shirt style, for the better, I think, so I would give me husband a good solid plus. Of course, geek wives probably wouldn’t be quite the annoying fashion sorts as the show ones (I’ve only seen it once, but I did accidentally see it once!)

  3. I make my husband help me shop all the time. I am useless at that sort of thing. I cannot look at an article of clothing on a rack and imagine it on me (or a paint swatch and imagine it on a wall, or a showroom sofa and imagine it in my living room). If I shop alone I tend to pick out things that are nearly identical to things I already have. If I ever dress well, I have my husband to thank!

  4. Wow — some of those makeovers in the original article are just *headdesk* worthy. I’d trust my husband with picking out my wardrobe, though. He’s a geek through and through but somehow, whether it is putting together a nice outfit at the store (I’m so clueless that I generally drag him along for fashion advice, how sad is that?) or putting together a nice outfit on an MMO, he’s the go to guy.

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