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The Whispering Giants Thanksgiving Road Trip

The Whispering Giants Thanksgiving Road Trip

Whispering Giants are massive, solemn sculptures. You’ll come upon them unexpectedly—or, if they’re in your neighborhood, you’re probably used to them; they’re part of the local scenery, waiting and watching. Read More


10 Reasons You Need to Drop Everything and Build a Fort… Right Now

10 Reasons You Need to Drop Everything and Build a Fort… Right Now

One time, as a child, I built a fantastic fort that withstood four New England winters.

I was so proud of it! I would spend entire afternoons holed up in that sacred place. I’d get lost in an imaginary world, or while away the hours lost in a favorite book. I’d love to know how many books were read in that space!

Of course, my brothers and I built many forts over the years, both indoors and outdoors, but the outdoor forts reigned supreme. Read More

What It’s Like to Die in a Black Hole

What It’s Like to Die in a Black Hole

Just in case you sit around pondering questions such as this…in this month’s issue of Nature, Zeeya Merali discusses the latest in a debate on how black hole death might be: in one corner is “spaghettification” (being ripped apart), the other corner is “the wall of fire” (getting burned alive at the event horizon). Read More

Raising a Gamer: Nurture or Nature?

  When my son was first born, we were determined to get him on an appropriate sleep schedule. So after the first month or so of getting everyone adjusted to some kind of “normal,” we began. We had no guide for this until he was about four months old, until then we just wanted him… Read More

The Wild Life Of Our Bodies

Our bodies, minds, and societies are haunted by the nature we left behind, according to The Wild Life of Our Bodies: Predators, Parasites, and Partners That Shape Who We Are Today. In this the finely researched and eloquent book, biologist Rob Dunn explains, We often view ourselves as separate from nature, but here is the rub:… Read More

Fibonacci: It’s Not Pasta

Did you count thirteen petals on the Black-Eyed-Susan? It’s fun for kids to count petals on blooming flowers “springing” out of the ground. It’s also a lesson in higher math. Last week I attended the NSTA Conference in San Francisco where I met Sarah C. Campbell, author of the picture book Growing Patterns. Sarah presented… Read More

GeekMom Secret Origins: Jenn Hansen

Beneath the tree called Grandfather, standing tall in a small copse of trees amid the sweet grass of the eastern plains of Colorado, I listened to leafy tales. Hiding in a lilac hedge along the fence-line in my backyard, I made my home with faeries and many insects, closely observing the natural world. More often… Read More