My Favorite Drug Commercial Ever

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When you live in the mountains of Colorado, the views outside the window tend to keep life in perspective. But we’ve lived in many other amazing locations, following my husband’s job across the country. We’ve found breathtaking parks and outdoor areas in every single state we’ve lived in. With an archaeologist for a husband, and four kids to raise, I’ve found myself outside a lot.

That may be why I instantly fell in love with this parody of a drug commercial. I’m sure you’re like me, and practically need a medication to make it through those long, depressing commercials for the latest pharmaceuticals. But I guarantee this is one ‘drug’ commercial you’ll not only enjoy, you may find yourself replaying it over and over. Warning: It may lead you to walk away from your desk and head outside.


This inspirational video is brought to you by a group called Nature Rx. What is Nature Rx? Let their website explain: “Nature Rx is a grassroots movement dedicated to entertaining and informing people about the healing and humorous aspects of nature.”

Now that’s one prescription I would love to add to my medical history. I think I’ll have to sign up the husband and kids too.

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