Flashpoint Cover Art

Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint – Featuring Superman

Welcome to week five of Flashpoint! This week, I’m looking at Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint – Featuring Superman, written by Lowell A. Francis and Scott Snyder. This graphic novel takes us a little deeper into what Superman gets up to while war breaks out across Earth. We also check in with a few other famous DC faces, including: Booster Gold, Traci Thirteen, Jason Todd, and Guy Gardner. On a frustrating note, Lois Lane once again gets cheated out of any meaningful face time, but by this point, I think I’m getting used to it.

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A Newbie’s View: Superman and Wonder Woman

By now, most comic book fans have heard that Superman and Lois Lane are no longer the “it” couple of DC Comics. Replacing the famous reporter is none other than the Amazonian Princess, Wonder Woman. I’ve heard that the two have dated briefly in the past, but it was nothing like what he had in the story lines with Lois. Looking at this from a newbies stand point, I’m excited to see where this goes, because I think the characters compliment each other nicely.

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12 Days of Awesomely Geeky Gifts: the Snuggly Superman Blanket

Oh, you know it had to happen. The whole backward-bathrobe-sold-as-an-entirely-new-product-to-keep-the-family-warm wasn’t enough. Some clever soul adapted the idea to create a super snuggly blanket that will have people doing a double take. Even Lois Lane might mistake you for Superman in this “comfy throw blanket with sleeves.” Stay warm and toasty throughout the winter months, […]

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