A Newbie’s View: Superman and Wonder Woman

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A kiss with consequences. / Image: Copyright DC Comics
A kiss with consequences. / Image: Copyright DC Comics

By now, most comic book fans have heard that Superman and Lois Lane are no longer the “it” couple of DC Comics. Replacing the famous reporter is none other than the Amazonian Princess, Wonder Woman. I’ve heard that the two have dated briefly in the past, but it was nothing like what he had in the story lines with Lois. Looking at this from a newbie’s stand point, I’m excited to see where this goes, because I think the characters complement each other nicely.

Let me begin by telling you that I am a newbie to the comic book world. Prior to the New 52, my only knowledge of these characters is from the animated series, movies, and to some extent, the TV shows. With that said, I’m not that familiar with Superman and Lois’ relationship. I remember in Superman: The Animated Series, that they had a nice connection with each other. Lois was always very strong and “Hey! I can rescue myself” around Superman, but as soon as he looked away, she would secretly melt inside.

On the other hand, in Justice League: The Animated Series, Wonder Woman was always chasing Batman (who seemed to care for Diana, but never let it show).

Looking back, I was getting a little bored with Superman and Lois. It always seemed to be the same thing. Lois would get in trouble, somehow she would get out of it (either by her own method or Superman’s), Superman and Lois almost kiss, and then the end credits would roll. As a child, some of the my favorite moments were wondering if Lois would get out on her own, or if Superman would be her “knight in shining armor.” I enjoyed the endings where Lois would save herself and Superman would just tag along. It really showed how strong of a woman she is.

On the other side of the spectrum, I enjoyed seeing other women go after Clark, but I would always be disappointed that he would go back to the woman who was too dense to put two and two together on who he was. In my mind, he deserved someone smarter and less of a workaholic (side note: My husband has pointed out that Lois is not dense, Clark is just that good at concealing who he is, which makes me wonder why, if he loved her so much, he couldn’t just tell her…but that’s another post).

Since the New 52 is supposed to be about fresh starts and new stories, it makes sense that they would ditch the Lois and Superman relationship. In my opinion, by continuing to have Superman and Lois a couple, they’re not really starting over, but continuing a very old story line with new twists.

Seeing Superman and Wonder Woman together, I’m drawn into their story and the “what’s next?” for them. They have so much in common, but are also very different. For example, Superman has a dual identity, something that Wonder Woman doesn’t have. They both have exes, that I’m sure will be brought up at some point. And how will Diana’s mother feel about it all? Will she be accepting of her daughter’s new beau, or cast her out of her home world for the relationship?

The only series I’m reading with either Superman or Wonder Woman in it right now is the New 52 Justice League, and if their relationship carries over to the individual titles, I might start picking those up as well. My only hope is that the romance doesn’t get perverted (for example: Catwoman and Batman) and they keep it at a level that’s above pornographic.

What do you think about Superman and Wonder Woman becoming a couple? Do you think this will be a nice change for the characters or a big mistake on DC’s part? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear what you think.

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