5 thoughts on “Harry Potter Week: Who Has Two Thumbs and Is a Hufflepuff?

  1. Oh, God. I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

    And I had a conversation about houses with a friend last weekend and we both had to admit that we’d probably be in Hufflepuff.

  2. It gets better. If you are a Hufflepuff remember it gets better. It doesn’t stop at the av club. There are whole worlds of things to look forward to. There is Chess club, math club, and football. They all need people to wash their clothes, sweep the floor and have people to pick on.

    Remember it Gets better when you leave school there is college where you can be humiliated as a pledge all the while making sure the computer lab hours are filled and the books are shelved in the library. But remember your a Hufflepuff.

    And when you graduate in the middle of your class and go into the work force working as an electrician or plumber remember you didn’t have to sell a kidney to pay for your college because your a Hufflepuff.

    When everyone around you has been laid off but your still plugging along keeping food on the table remember your a Hufflepuff.

    When the brightest stars burnout, and rabbit takes a nap, when the heroes are finished, and the flashes are gone from the pan, you will be trudging along. Not because you are the best, or the brightest, but like a little engine you could do… Because your a Hufflepuff.

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