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A $20 Box of Awesome: La Bella Box

Our subscription box review series continues with La Bella Box, an affordable assortment of boutique items. Read More


Secret Scents Perfume Lockets

  What an amazing gift. I’m talking about the bold and beautiful lockets designed by our own GeekMom artist Brigid Ashwood.  More than a piece of jewelry, each one also exudes a delicate fragrance when worn against your skin’s warmth. That’s because the locket compartment holds natural beeswax solid perfume. And each is customizable, letting… Read More

Best! Present! Ever!

I’d guess that the year of my best present ever was 1983. I was in 5th grade and I opened an object of great wonder and mystery that rocked my 10-year-old world. No, it wasn’t a Sears AM/FM clock radio, though I do look awfully happy about it in this old picture. It was an… Read More

GeekMom 2011 Holiday Gift Guide #7: Miscellaneous

The seventh and final edition of our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide contains everything that didn’t fit under one of the other topics. We have music, videos, and other ideas. What are your last minute holiday gift ideas? Tony Bennett, Duets II $11.88 Bennett is not who you immediately picture when you think “geeky singer” but… Read More

GeekMom 2011 Holiday Gift Guide #3: Books

Third in our series of 2011 Holiday Gift Guides lists over two dozen books that we have discovered in the past year. Some are for grown-ups, some are for kids, and some are for babies. Some are educational, and some are just for fun. What are your favorite geeky books from the past year? Share… Read More

Glorious Do-Gooder Gifts

  Living simply is important to me. I also love to give gifts. I reconcile this by giving ethical presents whenever possible. You know what I mean, purchases that help out a worthy organization. You can often buy such gifts at your local museum, house of worship, or any non-profit knowing that a portion of… Read More

Molecular Jewelry – Elegant Yet Geeky Accessories

I’m not much of a jewelry wearer myself, so I think it’s funny that I keep meeting people who make amazing jewelry that is so perfect for GeekMoms. Awhile back I wrote about Tammy Stellanova and her wonderful steampunk style creations. Today, I have to share the work of scientist-turned-artist Raven Hanna. Featuring designs that look… Read More

Nursery Rhyme Comics Knocks My Socks Off

I got my first glimpse of First Second’s new Nursery Rhyme Comics at Comic-Con this summer. Several of its contributors attended a gathering for children’s book writers and artists I’d helped organize, and they had a hot-off-the-presses advance copy of the book to pass around. For me, it was love at first page-turn. Comics creator… Read More


If you’ve got a LEGO fanatic in your household as I do, you will appreciate that what looks like a simple 8-stud LEGO brick is actually a USB drive. Mind you, it’s not an actual LEGO brick (nor is it a LEGO product), but what better way to proclaim a love of all things LEGO… Read More

The Gift Of Wisdom

  We recently gave the same gift to two very different people—a seventy-something gentleman who is retiring and a twenty-six year old woman receiving her master’s degree. Both were ridiculously pleased. The gift? Wisdom. That is, a book by that name filled with insights by prominent people who have had at least sixty-five years of… Read More