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I’m not much of a jewelry wearer myself, so I think it’s funny that I keep meeting people who make amazing jewelry that is so perfect for GeekMoms. Awhile back I wrote about Tammy Stellanova and her wonderful steampunk style creations. Today, I have to share the work of scientist-turned-artist Raven Hanna.

Serotonin molecule necklace

Featuring designs that look like they could’ve come straight out of a science textbook, Raven’s necklaces and earrings showcase a variety of molecules: caffeine, dopamine, oxytocin, and capsaicin, to name a few. And yes, ladies, there’s estrogen and chocolate, too. So how does one become a maker of molecules?

Endorphin choker

Almost half a decade ago, I was a scientist. While reading a book about the science of mood and emotion, I noticed that serotonin, in addition to being the molecule that makes us feel happy, has a very pretty shape. I thought it would make a beautiful necklace that would serve as a kind of talisman for happiness. After a Google search yielded no serotonin necklaces, I learned to make jewelry so that I could have one. Now, I am a full-time cobbler of silver molecules (and am much happier!). Funny the turns life gives us!

Resveratrol necklace

I love that these pieces are made from recycled/reclaimed sterling silver and delivered in recycled gift quality boxes, but I’m not surprised, since I learned about Raven via a comment she left on my site. She’s new to the Big Island and working toward a more sustainable lifestyle. Want to see more of Raven’s work? Check out her Etsy page – you might find something to add to your wish list!

All photos: Raven Hanna

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  1. I love Raven’s stuff!!!! I have the dopamine necklace and I’ve been drooling over the endorphin choker for awhile.

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